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Saturnscape Pictures at our core believes in diversity, inclusion and safety


Despite our unabashed love for film, filmmaking and film history, it also is clear that film's past and present have the  deep wounds of lack of inclusion, blocked opportunities and outright victimization of many. The numbers speak for themselves and we believe we all must do our part to create opportunities for all those who aspire to filmmaking.

Saturnscape founder, filmmaker Stephen van Vuuren, came of age during the peak and collapse of apartheid, witnessing how a fascist police state that not only brutally oppressed because of skin color and ancestry but also oppressed because of sexual orientation, gender, religion, political views etc, lost it's way while committed crimes against humanity, and ultimately failed to empower tens of millions who could have contributed to one of the most unique and beautiful parts of the world.


So we profoundly believe that diversity and inclusion are not just the "right things to do" (although they are), they make us, our projects, our communities, our arts, our world, better, stronger, safer and more meaningful.

So at Saturnscape, filmmaking is for all of us.


Here at Saturnscape, we have clear principles and guidelines for how we create and distribute films:

  1. Above all, we aspire to a safe, creative environment for all, in every role of cast and crew. We match or exceed all safety guidelines, rules and best practices not just for stunts, but for all filming, for workplace environment, for actors and crew to always feel safe and have clear guidelines and abundant resources for all types of issues under safety, respect, trust and inclusions.

  2. All races, genders and orientations are welcome and encourage to apply even for roles that may appear not to be a match. While our scripts sometimes specify certain characteristics of age, race, gender etc. we are always open to your ideas around casting that we may have not thought of ourselves. 

  3. We recognize we have a long way to go. Please feel free to reach out to us with any feedback on how Saturnscape Pictures can better serve all of us in the filmmaking community.

Infinite diversity in infinite combinations...
symbolizing the elements that create truth and beauty.

– Commander Spock


Marie van Vuuren


Marie has produced, art directed, costumed, makeup/hair,worked post sound & music and much more on over a dozen short films. She is also an accomplished visual artist. Check out her website here.



Stephen van Vuuren


Stephen is the founder of Saturnscape Pictures and has made over twenty short films, co-produced a feature and created "In Saturn's Rings", the first long form multiplane photoanimation film. Narrated by LeVar Burton for IMAX giant screen and fulldome planeterium.



Mickey Flynn


Mickey has worked in nearly every capacity on films with Stephen and Marie since 2010. From handling gear to running sound and lights to location management he covers all the bases. Mickey formerly was the Operations Manager for the Riverrun International Film Festival.



Sheila Duell


Sheila has acted in over ten of Stephen's films, written & performed music and vocals for many of his films and worked behind the scenes in production, art and sound. Sheila is also an accomplished singer, pianist & playwright.


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