Director:  Jason Marc Pierce

Screenwriter:  Jason Marc Pierce

Genre:  Tech Horror Comedy

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In the middle of the night in an otherwise sleepy Southern town, a cell phone broke the silence. And
an idea was born. Several years and a few hundred pages later, that inspiring call became Hellphone, an
epic horror-comedy that has astounded indie crowds and outperformed expectations ever since.

With a stellar cast including April Billingsley, Nathan Moore, Michael Tourek, Scott S. Stevens and Philip Ward, Hellphone boasts production quality that belies its micro budget

Created by writer/director Jason Marc Pierce, Hellphone combines the talents of newcomers and seasoned
professionals alike. Shot for a combined total of $19,000 in under two weeks,Hellphone earned the 33rd highest box office position nationally in its first week alone. The Film was named Best Feature Film of the Blue SkyInternational Film Festival.

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