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Spring of 2020 has been a unique time of challenge, loss and change across the third planet of this solar system. Our hearts go out to all those afflicted and affected by the global pandemic and our gratitude to those who work the front-lines to support us and keep us safe.


As we watched the world's economy stumble and collapse, including the film industry that we have been part of for two decades, it become impossible not to wonder how our everything will change as result of this crisis. But at first, our focus was on safety, survival for ourselves and our loved ones, our neighbors, our communities.


As time has moved on, we've watched as you've watched. Movies are more than just entertainment to eat popcorn with. They delight us, they move us, they entertain us, but they warn us, they inspire us, they can and do predict the future and in fact, can build that future for us.


Despite the fact no true science fiction film has ever won a "Best Picture", during this pandemic it was Soderbergh's brilliant, prescient sci-fi thriller Contagion that became the most watched and talked about film.


And despite not winning "Best Picture", many people now see 2001: A Space Odyssey as if not the greatest, one of the greatest films ever made. It's the film that inspired me to pursue filmmaking and is the patron saint of "Saturnscape".

The events of 2020 solidified for me that to pursue anything but the dream that first inspired me would be a waste of the precious gift of life we all only get one dose of. Films matters to us. Sci-fi matters to me. I'm going all in on science fiction filmmaking and that all in is "Saturnscape Pictures."


We are pleased to announce that Saturnscape Pictures has acquired Hellphone (d. Jason Marc Pierce/Film Whisperer Productions for all media distribution around the globe. It's an award-winning film near and dear to our hearts as I served as director of photography, visual FX supervisor and general post-production grunt on the film ten years ago.


Hellphone is a fun, suspenseful horror comedy about a supernatural curse that get in the cellphone of a small Southern town with on the deputy sheriff (the Sheriff's daughter), her techie ex-boyfriend and inflated ego coroner to battle the growing evil forces and mind-controlled townsfolks.


With a stellar cast including April Billingsley, Nathan Moore, Michael Tourek, Scott S. Stevens and Philip Ward, Hellphone boasts production quality that belies its micro budget. We look forward to bringing this title back into circulation through tenth anniversary screenings, DVD sales, new Blu-ray sales and release to major streaming media outlets.

DVD's are now on-sale and Blu-Ray's available for Pre-orders here!

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