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Hellphone 10th Anniversary Streaming & Live Cast/Crew Reunion

Don't miss the online HD streaming 10th Anniversary Screening with Cast/Crew Live QA reunion on Tuesday, November 17th at 7:30PM EST.

Tickets are only $5. And if you buy a ticket, get $5 off purchase of DVD or Blu-ray! BUY NOW @

Hellphone is an independent horror-comedy about a demonic spirit that possesses a cell phone and wreaks havoc on a small southern town.

The towns only hope is in the hands of young deputy chief Alex, her bumbling boyfriend Bill and Alex’s former fiancée Graham, a computer techie intent on rekindling his love.

• Shot entirely on location in Rockingham County, North Carolina. • The film includes 32 speaking roles, 102 extras and over 70 crew members. • Post took over a year, with the final film containing over 60 effects shots, more than 30 CGI shots, a 5.1 surround mix and hundreds of sound effects.

Starring: April Billingsley: Walking Dead, Dark Red, Last Vegas Nathan Moore: Jem and the Holograms, Misconduct Phillip Ward: Lost Colony, Sapsucker Scott N. Stevens: Almost Famous, Turner and Hooch, The House of Sand and Fog

Created by writer/director Jason Marc Pierce, Hellphone combines the talents of newcomers and seasoned professionals alike. Shot for a combined total of $19,000 in under two weeks, Hellphone earned the 33rd highest box office position nationally in its first week alone.

“When you compare it to other bigger-budgeted films... Hellphone puts films like that to shame. If you're a fan of horror films, Hellphone delivers the horror and delivers a lot of laughs." Mark Burger, Yes! Weekly movie critic

“Shot for $19,000 - it's phenomenal. It really does have a Hollywood budget feel. The direction, the screenplay to the script, the acting the cinematography, everything about this is top-notch.” The Creepture Feature Horror Show

“The film’s comic statement on cell phone addiction had this horrified viewer breathing a little easier only because she doesn’t own one.” Pamela Tandy, Yahoo!

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