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Director & Writer:  Stephen van Vuuren

LoglineAncient aliens, a broken man obsessed with a Ukrainian marine biology student and ensemble of unique characters collide in a collage of narrative, sci-fi and experimental film as the secret past of humanity and our planet's stunning future meet to resolve our fate once and for all.

 OFFICIAL SITE: https://nemesiseterna.com/


FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/NESciFiMovie 


Nemesis Eterna is a strange and wonderful narrative sci-feature that has arisen from the ashes of several short film projects, an abandoned autobiographical novel and the realites of filmaking during a pandemic in a area that has not coped well with it.

Launching a film production company during COVID-19 has obviously forced us to adapt. So we brainstormed what feature could we safely shoot in full isolation mode. Several drafts later, we have a shooting script and a plan to shoot the keeps actors and crew complete apart from each other using remote cameras, CGI and web-cams to avoid any safety or risk issues during film.

We are deeply grateful to ArtsGreensboro for a grant to help fund most of this near-zero budget production. Casting and productions notices as well as dedicated website/social media coming soon.

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Director & Writer:  Stephen van Vuuren

LoglineSequel/Prequel to Nemesis Eterna.

Currently in development, Nemesis Damnato (formerly "Lost Souls") is the second film in the "Nemesis Trilogy". It begins prior to the events of Nemesis Eterna and ends right before Nemesis Eterna begins. It includes many of the same characters, played again by the same actors from Nemesis Eterna.

Much more to come...

NA website Saturnscape Poster.png

Director & Writer:  Stephen van Vuuren

Logline:  All hell breaks loose.

Nemesis Armageddon follows directly from Nemesis Eterna incorporating all of Nemesis Damnato as well. It will be the most ambitious and epic of the three films with time travel that alters history and bends your mind in ways you never thought possible. It includes many of the same characters, played again by the same actors from Nemesis Eterna.

Much more to come.